Distractions Along Your Path

During my daily devotion time today, I recorded two dreams that I had last night and I’d like to share them with you.  The first one I remember went like this…When I arrived at my house, I noticed a haggard looking man wearing a blue shirt standing outside my front door.  I noticed my front door was ajar, so I went in to find my house totally ransacked.  The television in the living room was missing, which I thought must have been stolen.  All the while I didn’t feel any fear or violation at what someone had done to my home.  I noticed a patio that is not present in the natural where I found my television had been smashed right in the middle of the screen. I went outside to the man to find out what happened.  He told me who had done this and what I needed to do in order to recover all.  At that moment I was shaken awake by a real earthquake.  

As soon as I woke up, I immediately pleaded the Blood of Jesus over our safety and God’s perfect will for our lives.  I came against every assignment of the enemy and asked God to reveal anything specific about His vision for me that the enemy is trying to steal/smash.

The second dream: My daughter and I were driving down 23rd street and there was a woman in a wrecked car with her two sons that swerved right in front of us blocking us from moving forward.  My daughter and I were patient and began talking to each other, then the car in front of us was just gone all of a sudden.  We proceeded on and came up to a moving truck, so we had to wait to continue moving forward again.  Then I was awakened by another earthquake.  Yes, two in one night.

As soon as I woke up, I again asked God to allow us to recognize any distractions on our journey to follow His will.  I also thought of Psalms 23:3, where David says that God leads him down paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.  Since we were riding down 23rd street, I spoke that promise out loud in declaration of our lives.  

Do you believe that our dreams have meaning and God can help us along our journey?  I certainly do!  I just pray that God reveals to me in anyway He pleases as to the direction of my life, because I am a sheep in need of The Shepard that knows all.  Feel free to share any dreams that have caused you to ponder the meaning.  Please check out a dream interpretation book that can assist us with our dreams by clicking on the link to the right http://dougaddison.com/store/books/understand-your-dreams-now/


Doug trained under the late, great John Paul Jackson

2 thoughts on “Distractions Along Your Path

  1. Another timely reflection. Remembering my dreams is something I have tried to work on with no avail. Most nights I will remember nothing, then sometimes I remember a few images, but to have a dream as vivid as you described is a rarity for me. It’s no coincidence I came across this post today. Last night I asked the Lord to give me a dream (one I would remember) of what is to come. I’m in a transition so I asked him for a preview of sorts. I woke up this morning, and no dream. No big deal or so I thought. I just took it as sign to say I am not to receive my visions in dreams. Well, then I read this post and it made me realize that yesterday I was asking for a favorable dream, one I would like to see. I was trying to foolishly restrict the Lord to my will. Whenever the Lord chooses to give me a dream, it will be what He wants to show me. Not just what I was to see. His will doesn’t always align with my will, but at the end of the day His will sits on the throne of my life. Thank you for another great post Sonja!


    • Thanks for your response. I generally pray every night that God would speak to me in any way he sees fit to. I let Him know that all I want to know is what’s on His mind. It could be for me to pray for someone else, or areas in my own life. It really doesn’t matter to me, I just want to be open to hear. I do believe that He uses dreams, entertainment, other people etc. There is not limiting to our God. I’ll pray that God opens Himself to you through dreams etc.

      Blessings my sister


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