Holding on to your passions through Savannah From Svannah Part Two

Savannah from SavannahTuesday, I ended with a brief synopsis of my childhood discovery concerning eating disorders.  Even though I didn’t choose to be neither anorexic nor bulimic, I did have issues with excessive exercising without eating much food.  I was able to get help from my mother, brother and the doctor.  Thank God for my mother!  She actually cooked me breakfast, lunch and dinner until I was able to find balance and feel better about myself.  Okay, enough about that topic of research and on to another.  It’s funny, as I think about it-I should have put much more focus on relationship research.  Oh yeah, how about my own behaviors.  Now that would have been a great help to me and to the other people who were truly annoyed by me. 

Okay, yes I said all that to say, I pretty much love to do research on things that I am interested in.  Savannah has a knack for putting her all into a great story that she believes in.  How many times do we really do the extra hard work to pour ourselves into what will better ourselves and those we are close with?  Where do our investments really lie?  While this is a quirky kind of story about a young woman in pursuit of her dreams, there are real lives that have been affected by her hard work.  Sometimes Savannah doesn’t get it right, even though her heart was in a good place.  But isn’t that just how life works.  For the many of us who really don’t set out to hurt others, sometimes is still happens.  But isn’t it just like our Father in Heaven to help us sort ourselves out and to make it right as best as we can to others who are hurt by our actions.  If you are looking for a fun read, please click on the link to find out about Savannah http://reclaiminghearts.com/the-savannah-series/

Until we read again, many blessings…

Holding on to your passions through Savannah From Savannah Part One…


Savannah is a young college graduate from a wealthy southern background.  This story is a witty story about an aspiring writer.  As a lover of reading and writing myself, I could identify with Savannah’s desire to fulfill her life long dream of writing.  Of course, she has people in her life that want to control how she goes about her dream, but she discovers that her journey is her own.  She uses grace and integrity to stay in good, respectful relationships with those who would like to run how her dreams should be played out.  Another thing that struck me to the core in this book is the personality differences between Savannah and her mother.  I mean they are like night and day.  But isn’t that the way it is sometimes.  This world would be a total bore if we were all alike.  Savannah and I are alike in that we are very inquisitive.  I remember my mother telling me as a young girl that if it was anything that I didn’t understand, I needed to ask the teacher until I understood.  That bit of wisdom has never left me.  I will fight to understand something that I am interested in. 

As I digress for just a second, there was a time that many people saw me as the little fat girl with bifocals.  Well my friend it was true.  I was pretty plump with big glasses.  So, I decided that I was going to lose weight and I thought I was going to try anorexia or bulimia.  This was until I did research on the side effects and personal life stories of people who have struggled with these types of eating disorders.  Hey, I could take the hint and I didn’t want to deal with any of those side effects-so I nixed that idea quickly.  I do know many young and older women who have struggled with this, so I do not take it lightly and understand the struggle.  Please share a bit of your story if you can relate to this issue and have found positive direction, or simply need encouragement/prayer in this area.  Check out tomorrows post to read about the struggle I was able to overcome with my eating habits.  Blessings until then……

Savannah from Savannah

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