Take a Chance on Me

Trust « AgapeOutreach Take a chance on me, written by Susan Warren is a story about a man who has lost his wife and struggles with several issues, which are certainly keeping him from moving forward.  Then enters to town a young woman with deep longings that have never been materialized in her life before moving to the small town of Deep Haven.  I find it intriguing how the author has woven together such a deep, heart provoking story that touches your deepest core.

I am not exactly sure if she is in any deep type of prayer as she writes, but I feel like her novels including this one is anointed by God.  I can see how Holy Spirit took this story and urged me to consider deep wounds from my past.  It’s true that I have not experienced the exact struggles as her characters, but I believe that the faith message that she writes about and real life issues create an atmosphere where one can be transparent with the Lord.  The Lord can use what these stories offer to bring us into times of healing and refreshing.

Whether these characters and experiences are truly inspired stories doesn’t matter to me.  I was able to meditate on my wounds and bring them before God in a way that God chose to utilize through the words on these pages.  I mean who said that God is limited to any means He chooses to bring us into places of spiritual healing.  I say hat’s off to the author for allowing the Lord to use her to not only bring people to a place of healing, but also to salvation with our Lord Jesus Christ.

I was able to look closely at the motives to why I decided to get married at age 23.  I can certainly see that although it has ended, my role from the beginning wasn’t built on the truth or leading of God’s word.  I look over the course of time and realize that my actions/thoughts affected many people.

Sometimes we don’t realize that when we aren’t guided by God’s leadership we make wrong decisions that impact many people.  I praise God for christian writer’s who inspire us to go deeper in God and receive His truth for daily destiny steps.  Until the next great read………….Blessings.

The beginning of wisdom is this:  Get wisdom.  Though it cost all you have, get understanding. When you walk, your steps will not be hampered; when you run, you will not stumble. Proverbs 4:7 & 12