A Refreshing New Start In Life’s Journey Part One…

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Jump start your destiny assignment with Start

While listening to the Dave Ramsey show, I heard him endorse a book called Start by Jon Acuff.  Now this book sent me into total creative, awesome mode!  I really do mean awesome mode-I don’t even know if that is the proper way to speak.  I almost can’t put into words how great this book is.  First, I checked this book out from the library.  Now, the reason why I did this is because I have come across many great speakers who have written books that didn’t inspire me.  There have been many times where I can’t even make it through the book in its entirety.  Oh, how I don’t like that at all.  Anyway, I was being very cautious when it came to this book.  I wanted to test the waters out.  From the start, I loved that the book read like he was talking just to me.  It was funny and very practical.  It was extremely encouraging from the beginning.  Along with prayer, I began to answer the probing questions Mr. Acuff inspired me to ask myself.  After two weeks, God spoke/confirmed to me exactly what avenue to move in to.  One of the first things I learned was to just start doing something now.  Don’t wait, because it’s never ever too late no matter how old or young you are.  Now that is excellent news!  Once I discovered I was meant to write, I began my journey of doing something for at least 30 minutes a day to prepare myself for this life change.  Guess what?  That time just seems to increase every night.  I put on my worship music and just go for it.  It’s so peaceful and rewarding, so please join me for tomorrows second post on my journey with Start.  To purchase your copy of the book Start, click on the link to the right. acuff.me/books/


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