A Troubling vs Passionate Christmas


This morning during my time of devotion, I read an encouraging Christmas testimony by Steve Shultz that blessed my soul.  Source: Steve Shultz: ‘I Didn’t Want to, But Under My Breath I Whispered, ‘Thank You, Lord, For EVERYTHING.’ What Happened Next Changed My Life.’ It caused me to compare this year and last year’s Christmas experience.  Last year I made the largest salary and spent the most money on Christmas in all my adult years.  At the same time, my spirit was in great turmoil because I sensed I needed to make some serious life changes.  I struggled to keep my emotions in check with those around me.  During this Christmas season, I have the most peace I have ever experienced.  I am currently enjoying following God’s destiny plan for my life in writing on a full time basis.  Each day isn’t always a bed of wonderful roses, but the peace that passes all understanding remains. It has been a pleasure simplifying my life financially and socially.  I feel closer to God more than ever.  That tends to happen when you are putting your total trust in God’s daily provision and guidance.  Will you choose to trust God in all circumstances?

Loving God passionately…..


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